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Oriental Umbrellas

Unique Garden Parasols

Oriental Umbrellas offer a fabulous range of premium and unique garden parasols and patio umbrellas. Our garden umbrellas are exclusively produced by local craftsman in the Far East. There are a wide variety of sizes and patterns, unusual designs with many styles and colours available. 

We have found our umbrellas have become very popular in the fashion industry, attracting fashion photographers that have been using them at their photo shoots. Our umbrellas have been used in productions by opera and theatre companies. You can see some of our designer umbrellas in the recent production at the amazing ARENA DI VERONA, in the opera La Traviata.

Oriental Umbrellas

Garden Parasols & Umbrellas

Check out our latest garden parasols & umbrellas in a variety of colours & designs

What Our Customer Say

As far as umbrellas go, this is by far the best I've ever owned. While I'd buy it again and recommend it to others, I'd also be inclined to try another in this price range.

K. Leach

The red one looks great, it performs well in the wind, and it can fit two people under it comfortably.

Mr. Bone

The umbrella looks great, feels great, and has a reasonable amount of heft without being too heavy. As far as blocking the sun is concerned, it seems to be of very good quality.

P. Mende

Hand Made & Painted In Bali

Bamboo canopies are hand painted by talented artisans in Bali. It can take more than a full day to complete this beautiful, meditative process.

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