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Usage and After Care

After Care

The garden Umbrellas should be stored in the dry during the winter / rainy season. In the summer they should be cleaned with a damp cloth every few weeks to stop any build up of dust and dirt.


Some of our Paradise Island Garden umbrellas may be difficult to open when first delivered. That’s because we want our umbrellas to give you pleasure for many years, therefore the cotton weave is made to a high specification in a tight pattern, this means it will last longer. The weave does slightly stretch after the first few openings.

We have created some opening instructions and an instructional video posted on facebook here.


Our Patio umbrellas are hand made from wood and cotton, therefore, they must be used and cared for appropriately The umbrella must be mounted into a suitable commercially available umbrella stand made from metal or stone weighted.

If placed through the hole in the centre of a patio table the umbrella MUST also be mounted into a suitable umbrella stand.

The umbrella could be damaged if allowed to blow over, therefore it is advised that umbrellas should be let down at night and during windy conditions During inclement weather  the umbrella should be stored in a dry location.

Do not store if damp, always ensure the garden umbrella is dry before long term storage