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Oriental Umbrellas

Find Out More about Our Oriental Umbrella (Oosterse Paraplu)

We supply the most wonderfully crafted outdoor patio umbrellas that can be used outdoors for decoration in the dry summer months.

Our wonderfully designed Asian garden parasols add a unique and stunning look to your outdoor space such as a patio, roof garden or traditional  family or cottage garden. They additional work well in hotels and restaurants. They  allow you to create a warm, Mediterranean al fresco atmosphere

Asian Patio Umbrella (Mbrella di Patio / Paraguas de Patio) for Luxury, Elegance & Style

  • Garden Umbrella (Garten-Regenschirm / Tuin Paraplu)
  • Beach Umbrella (Parasol / Un Parasol)
  • Sun Umbrella (Parapluie Solaire)

Asian Umbrellas – Intricate, Unique & Hand Crafted

Our intricately detailed Oriental (Östlicher Regenschirm / Paraguas Oriental) umbrellas are widely used on the patio (Innenhof-Regenschirm), in the garden and are even utilised where Asian charm and style is needed. This includes at venues where a unique atmosphere is needed, such as restaurants and wedding locations.

Create a stunning finish at your location using Thai-themed patio umbrellas, garden parasol umbrellas that simply are as individual as you.

We source only the best patio (Innenhof-Regenschirm) umbrellas that are ideal for those looking for Oriental (Östlicher Regenschirm / Paraguas Oriental) influence, or those seeking adorable outdoor products that are utterly beautiful.

For a stylish boutique Bali, Thailand or Japanese finish to your décor then please view our products section. Alternatively contact us directly using our contact form and we will reply promptly. 01268 544891.